Who I am

Lisa Dale Jones
The communications coach

I believe the world needs you to tell your story.


Really, what are you waiting for? We’ve been so inundated by the negative stuff – sensational newscasts, bottom-feeding reality shows, violent video games, ads from pharmaceutical companies telling us we’re sick – that we’ve almost forgotten what real, uplifting daily life is supposed to be like. But every single one of us has the ability to change that.

YOU have a story to tell that will help counteract the negativity and actually make this world a more loving and supportive place. It happens when you share it with your clients so they see more of the real you, or when you speak what’s in your heart at a business meeting, or when you go out on a limb and let your audiences know that you’re really a spiritually-minded person. But you have to share it.

I’m Lisa Dale Jones, the communications coach for heart-centered speakers, and I want to help you tell your story in public, whether that means talking at a small workshop, addressing a large audience, broadcasting a teleseminar, or any other activity that involves speaking.

Lisa in greenInstead of coaching in the traditional corporate manner, I work with you to go deep and uncover your story while bringing out your distinctive inherent communications style. Some of my methods are unconventional, but they’re a lot of fun and definitely bring results!

How did I learn to bring out your stories and help you speak?

For ten years I was a radio producer for The Christian Science Monitor. My passion was getting (extra) ordinary people’s stories on air. I had a knack for quickly knowing how a story could be told that would bring out someone’s core and keep audiences listening. My programs’ audiences grew fast, and I won the prestigious Gabriel Award, given for journalism that “uplifts the human spirit.” The story I won it for was about – yes – storytelling!

More recently, I was editor and training manager for the speakers’ bureau connected with the world headquarters of the Church of Christ, Scientist. I worked daily with 50+ spiritual healers as they told their stories and explained spiritual concepts to public audiences at over 1,800 events a year worldwide. I helped coach them to be confident public speakers and to develop their overall talks in training meetings in Boston, Vienna, London, Johannesburg, and Washington, DC.

Since founding Speaking with Soul in 2005, I’ve brought to my speaking clients that same knack for quickly knowing how a transformative story can be experienced by an audience. And in recent years, I’ve found that more and more people are wanting to share spiritual and transformative ideas with their listeners. I can help you do that.

As a coach, I empower you to uncover and learn to tell your story, help you share your whole being with your audiences (rather than just your words), and most of all, help you to have an uplifting impact on our world.

I look forward to working with you.

Contact me to explore ways we can work together.

Lisa receiving the Gabriel Award from Nick Clooney

Lisa receiving the Gabriel Award from Nick Clooney