Auction Special 0

Get a public speaking coaching session and help a worthy organization at the same time! Tomorrow evening, November 29, I’m auctioning off a free public speaking coaching session to help the Capitol Hill Restoration Society (CHRS), here in Washington, DC. CHRS is having its annual fall auction at the new Hill Center on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. For those of you who have walked around the beautiful, old streets of Capitol Hill and admired the old brick row houses, you largely have CHRS to thank for them still looking that way. (Full disclosure: I co-edit the CHRS newsletter.)

For the auction, I’ve printed up full-color flyers and business cards, so people who may not want to bid will still know who I am and how to get in touch with me. If they book a session before Christmas, they’ll get a 20% discount. Throughout the auction I’m planning to sit at a table with the materials and the silent auction bid sheet so I can raise the bids, and also get future clients.  See you there!