Working with me

Everyone can use some help with public speaking, but most training focuses on corporate speaking skills: How to impress a boss, how to use PowerPoint, where to put your hands when you use a lectern, and how to project a polished corporate image. And that’s just not you! (Or me.) The Speak From Your Soul Solution is designed to bring out your true brilliance when you speak, to help you share spiritual or heart-felt concepts with your audience, and to enable you to tell your story in a totally authentic way.

The Speak From Your Soul Solution is a holistic approach that helps uncover your organic speaking style. Your audiences will feel your passion for your topic, and will be inspired to take action.

Here are ways we can work together. Before I accept you as a client we’ll need to talk so I can determine which program is best for you. Feel free to contact me.

"Popcorn" coaching

Do you need quick coaching on a specific speaking need? For instance, are you about to lead a teleseminar and want to try it out on someone first? Or you’ve already worked on your story and want help tweaking it? Or you’re ready to give a presentation, and want some quick “polish-up” coaching?

“Popcorn coaching” consists of two half-hour or one full-hour Skype sessions, focusing on your specific one-time need. Reasonably-priced, if you sign up for Popcorn coaching you’ll receive a 15% discount on the full-payment cost of a more comprehensive coaching package if you sign up within three weeks of finishing this one.

  • Includes access to a private Facebook community of other Speaking with Soul clients

"Tell Your Story" private coaching

You probably keep hearing that you need to have a story in order to get clients. And in most cases it’s true. But do you know what your story is? Or do you wonder if you even have one?

In “Tell Your Story,” a two-month program of bi-weekly one-hour private coaching calls via Skype or Google Hangout, we will…

  • Dig deep to uncover and share your story (yes, you do have one!) in a way that will move your audiences and reveal who you really are 
  • Uncover your unique speaking style, so you don’t present like everyone else
  • Polish your story so it shows who you really are and what you can do for others

This program consists of the first three steps of the Speak From Your Soul Solution. (Read more here.) Includes access to a private Facebook community of other Speaking with Soul clients.

"Signature Speech" private coaching

If you need a “Signature Speech,” a standard presentation you can use to sell your services or programs during webinars, teleseminars, in-person presentations, workshops, keynotes, etc., this is for you. Be the confident, inspiring speaker you know in your heart you can be, and share that passion with the world in a way they can’t resist!

This is a four-month program of private bi-weekly one-hour calls via Skype or Google Hangout. We will…

  • Dig deep to discover and tell your story
  • Make it the star in the context of the larger talk you’ll create
  • (This talk will include your story, your teaching points, your offer, your call to action, and Q&A)
  • Uncover your unique speaking style 

This program is based on the entire Speak From Your Soul Solution. (Click here for more.) Includes access to a private Facebook community of other Speaking with Soul clients. 

Done in a Day!

Both the Tell Your Story and Signature Speech coaching programs are available in intense, get it Done-in-a-Day versions. These VIP programs are done via 45-minute Skype calls four times in one day, with assignments for you between calls. If you’re the type of person who wants to move fast and get out there with your story and speech as quickly as possible, this is for you! We will do all the exercises you would normally do every two weeks, but all at once.

Tell Your Story – one day of four 45-minute video Skype calls with assignments in between. At the end of the day you’ll be able to share your message in a way that inspires, and will be able to tell your story in a way that connects with your ideal clients. You’ll also have the major theme of your overall talk.

Signature Speech – If you’ve already been through the Tell Your Story coaching, either the regular program or the intense program, you can then have your own VIP day putting together the components of your entire signature speech. During four 45-minute video Skype calls, we’ll get all the pieces of your talk, put them in the best order to share your unique message, make sure your presentation style matches your message and who you really are, and develop your “offer” in a way that feels totally natural and irresistible! You’ll have assignments in between calls, and some prep work before we begin.

Contact me to find out which program is best for you. Custom training packages and group workshops are also available.

“She treated me…like a jewel to be polished”

Margaret Benefiel

Lisa coached me in preparation for a major speaking engagement. She really “got” who I am and the message I have to offer. She treated me (and my message) like a jewel to be polished and proudly shown, respecting the inherent value of what I offer and helping me put my best foot forward so that the message would shine. Her methods were extremely helpful and effective. Lisa is excellent at her work and is a fine human being. Plus, working with Lisa is just plain fun!

Margaret Benefiel,, Boston

“I found my big message”

Carolina GardheimThank you from my heart, Lisa! With your help I found my big message, developed and practiced my story, and created the structure for my workshop, including what I want the audience to experience during, and then take away from, the event. You even gave me ideas on how to promote and market the workshop! All with the same heartfelt passion, knowledge and professionalism from you. I am impressed, and deeply grateful. (And did I tell you the workshop was a success?)

Carolina Gardheim, Stockholm, Sweden.
Author, Coach & Inspirer for creative women with big hearts, souls, and dreams.