I can coach you via Skype 1

If you want me to coach you for a public speaking engagement, or want to work with me on developing a presentation, you don’t have to be in Washington, DC! I can coach you via Skype. As long as you have a decent camera and microphone on your computer or iPad, we can accomplish nearly as much as if I were with you in person. Just think of the advantages: you don’t have to travel anywhere, you can have a mug of your favorite herbal tea nearby, and you can pet your cat to make public speaking less stressful. Only one thing I ask that you don’t do: work with me in your pajamas!

So, if you’ve got a presentation coming up that you want some coaching for, you need another pair of eyes and ears helping you develop a talk, or you want to refine your unique speaking style, just remember that I am available to help you, no matter where you are, via Skype.

I look forward to working with you!


617-513-8087 (Mobile)