Writing your talk – like entering a maze?? 0

There are very few people who can sit down and map out the perfect presentation right from the get-go. Those who can have been doing it for so long, and know their message so well, that they don’t need that much preparation.

But for the rest of us it’s a process. That process can seem messy, unwieldy, and directionless – unless we understand that it’s all part of the beauty of seeing ideas come together. All those ideas are coming from somewhere, and listening for them is part of the fun of preparing to share your message. So how do we turn them into a coherent talk?

This next step in the Speak From Your Soul Solution is Mind. Divine Mind is rejoicing in Its amazing, limit-busting, joyous, inspiring ideas, and having us express them constantly. We need to learn how to access them and share them in a listener-friendly way that will encourage people to take action.

First, identify how you access inspiration. Is it by meditating? Praying? Journaling? Dancing? Horseback riding? Creating a vision board? Whatever it is, start doing it as you hold in thought your potential audience and all the juicy ideas you want to share with them.

Listen for one overall main point. That main point is what you want everyone to remember later even if they don’t recall anything else you said. It might be “You can have better health without medicine,” or “Your website needs to collect email addresses,” or “Travel is more fun when you’re doing good.” It’s an easy-to-remember statement that’s the basis of everything you’re going to talk about.

If you’re putting together a teleseminar where you want to make an offer, the main point of the content of the teleseminar and the offer itself should be at least very similar, if not the same. For instance, the point of the teleseminar might be “Offering VIP Days is a great way to get more clients.” Your offer might be “Learn how to offer VIP Days as a great way to get more clients.”

Write down everything that comes to you on post-its. Whatever ideas you get, no matter how crazy or disjointed they might seem; write them down. At the moment all you’re doing is getting in touch with all the wonderful ideas Mind is giving you. These can include testimonials or stories from prior clients, your own story, teaching points you want to share, exercises you want people to do, guided meditations, and so on.

If you have a large table, or a large bathroom mirror, start arranging the post-its in groupings. See what makes sense together. If something doesn’t support your main theme, take it out and save it for another presentation later on.

Once you’ve got the groupings, here’s a rough guide to the order that usually makes sense if you’re giving a presentation in order to get clients or make an offer:

• Welcome/intro/overview
• Main theme of presentation/message
• What they’ll get by listening today/hint at offer at end
• Your story
• Overview of your system – brief description of the steps
• Teaching point (one of the steps) – make this interactive?
• Testimonial (you tell someone’s story who worked with you)
• Finish the teaching point
• Take Q&A about the teaching point
• Remind them of the larger system it’s part of
• Make your offer
• Take Q&A about the offer
• Repeat the offer and include description of bonuses and/or early-bird specials
• Repeat main theme from the beginning and encourage them that they, too, can benefit.

This method always works – as long as you’re doing what it takes for you to access your inspiration. Ideas coming to you through inspiration always can be shared with others in a way that they’ll understand. Sometimes you need to get creative to do it. As you put this method of creating a presentation into practice, you’ll find you’re no longer entering a maze!

* * *

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