Walking that invisible bridge: a leap of faith 0

If you ask your friends what their favorite scene is from any Indiana Jones movie, it’s often the scene from The Last Crusade, where, according to the map he’s following, Indy has to cross an invisible bridge to get to the Holy Grail. The only way for the bridge to appear is to step out into what appears to be the void. It takes a literal leap of faith that support will be there for the next step to appear.

Why does this resonate with so many people?

Well, it seems to be the way a lot of good, progressive things get done. If you ask really successful people how they got to where they are now, it was usually smart risk-taking.

A year ago, when I started on the journey that got me to the place I am today in my business, it was a leap of faith. (Read more here.) I started learning about spiritual entrepreneurship and moving in that direction, not knowing exactly where the path would end up, but trusting it would be productive and good for me, and my clients. And so far, that has certainly proven to be the case.

Now it’s time to take another leap, and although it’s a little scary, I’m confident that only by stepping once more onto the invisible bridge will I get where I need to go. This time, the step is to “just do it.” Instead of over-thinking what to do next, over-editing, over-perfecting – I just need to say yes, and go.

So, following that model, at the end of this month I’m taking part in a three-week Telejam put together by Tracy Lee Jones of the Feminine Business Model. There will be approximately 50 of us over 21 days, talking in video interviews about what we believe in and how that affects our businesses. The reach of the Telejam is in the tens of thousands, so it’s a big leap of faith trusting that what I have to say will resonate with those people.

In March I’m taking part in a large promotion to another tens of thousands of women who are interested in spirituality and self-help. This one is by Linda Joy, publisher of Aspire Magazine.

In order to serve all these new people who, of course (!) will sign up for my newsletter, I’m taking another leap of faith and creating home study products for public speaking. I hope to have the first one ready by early to mid-February. Telling you about it here means I’ve just taken another step on that bridge – so it’s got to happen!

In all of this, I’m learning to “just do it” before too much thinking makes it too much of a gulch.

So that’s my intention for 2014. Learn to do a lot more things on faith, get out of the way, and just do it! I hope the same for all of you!

Happy 2014!