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Does your organization know how to tell its story?

You know what you’d like your messaging to be like:

Your mission statement and story perfectly express the inspiration of your cause, and the whole organization knows what they are.

Your website seamlessly integrates your mission statement and story into all your activities and pages.

Your Board members easily tell your story to current donors and prospects.

Your marketing and development teams skillfully use your story as the basis of their materials.

Your staff and volunteers are on board with all the messaging and accurately use it – even in social media.

Sounds great, right?

But here’s what probably happens instead:

Your mission statement is old, and doesn’t really inspire many people at this point.

A handful of people in your organization’s inner circle have a vision for the organization, but it hasn’t been widely shared in a way that gets everyone onboard.

For every marketing campaign or fundraising initiative a new message is created.

You’re nervous about sending Board members on prospect visits because you really don’t know what they’ll say.

Your staff and volunteers are all over the map on how they talk about what you do.

The volunteer who takes care of your Facebook and Twitter accounts writes whatever they want with no supervision, and no one else knows how to log in.

And the problem with this??

Without a clearly-defined message, it’s hard to accomplish your goals, and definitely harder to raise the money you need to be effective.

Group of Multiethnic Diverse Mixed Occupation PeopleI can help!

With decades of experience working with nonprofits, I am able to guide senior staff and officers to develop a clear, inspiring mission statement, help you all learn to tell your unique story, and then coach your teams, (Board members, managers, staff, and volunteers), to understand and buy-in to your messaging so they can incorporate it into everything they do.

The result?

Your organization’s unique brand is front and center, and you have the ability to share it in everything you do, including fundraising.

To find out more about developing an inspiring mission statement and story, and getting your whole organization on board with it, send me an email, or click here to set up a time for a 30-minute free telephone call.

I look forward to talking with you!

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