Why it’s important to GO BIG! 0

Have you ever practiced something over and over till you got it right? A musical composition, or a sports move, or a school recitation. And then, when it came time to actually do it in public, you didn’t do as well as when you had practiced?

Or if you watch skating at the Olympics, you might hear that so and so has been practicing a quintuple whatever, but during the actual competition she only does a quad.

What is it that keeps us from doing our best when it counts, and how can we break through?

It’s because we let self-consciousness keep us small.

If you feel those nerves kicking in when you’re about to perform or present, it’s a sign that you’re self-conscious. We all do it. We’ve practiced so hard, we want so hard to impress, that we imprison ourselves in a false cocoon of perfection or nothing. And it keeps us totally self-conscious instead of letting go and being authentic or real.

But it’s not perfection our audience wants – it’s the genuine us they want. Put yourself in your audience’s figurative shoes. What are they expecting? What will best meet those needs? How can you best care for them? If you think totally about them, you’re not thinking about you. And if you’re not thinking about you, by definition you can’t be self-conscious. Use that adrenaline as a power surge to help you be energetic instead.

I encourage you to watch this video if you haven’t already seen it. This little girl is NOT self-conscious by a long shot. She’s thinking big, acting big, and daring to be bigger than those around her. (Though all she’s probably aware of is having fun!) If you can possibly take your eyes off of her, watch the other little girls. They’re the ones actually doing what they were taught. They’re trying to do it right. But do they have any impact on you? Think about this video next time you’re in front of an audience!

I always coach my clients to be bigger. Practice bigger – wave your arms around! Dance! Shout! Do whatever it takes to be big and loud and powerful. If you practice this way, you’ll be a lot more comfortable being just slightly bigger than usual when you’ve got a real audience. If you’re being big and generous and selfless, your audience will feel the love and love you back. Give them all you’ve got!

* * *

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