Don’t Straitjacket Yourself When You Speak! 2

Recently, a couple of clients told me that standing up and speaking in front of a group feels confining. It doesn’t allow them to share the essence of who they are, and what the experience of working with them is like, to their audiences (and prospective clients).

After a little digging, what came out is that actually standing in one general place to speak was the problem. These women use a lot of movement in their coaching. One offers therapy that involves dance. Another includes drumming work.

That’s the whole secret right there!

If you want your audiences and prospective clients to know what they’ll experience by working with you, then give them that experience.

If you have clients move, then get your audience to move. Move yourself. Be yourself. If you drum, then bring a drum with you. Have the audience join you by clapping or by drumming on their knees. If you are a healer, help them actually experience what you do. Don’t just stand up and talk.

A public presentation doesn’t have to put you in a straitjacket! Free yourself up to be who you really are. It will feel good to you, and will inspire and motivate ¬†your audiences.