Three ways to be an “illuminator” 0

The sixth step in the Speak From Your Soul Solution is Truth. It’s a biggie. When you get to this point, you’ve already identified your “Why” – the vision that inspires you and helps you inspire others. You’ve gotten comfortable with “Who” you are when you speak, and you’re okay with letting people see the real you – (lovely) warts and all. You’ve learned to tell your story, and you’ve pulled together all the other supporting and informing parts of your talk, in order to come up with your signature speech. You’ve learned to “go big” to break out of presentation styles that don’t suit you in order to be a bigger, better version of YOU in front of a group.

And now it’s time for Truth. This is where you step back, and look at everything you’ve done so far, and ask yourself three questions:

  1. “Do I really know that Spirit/the Universe/God/Something Bigger than Me is moving me to say this?” This is a tough one if you have a niggling feeling you haven’t been really listening. But it’s better than having to go back and change things when you’re a lot further along!
  2. “How am I illuminating this topic for my listeners?” In other words, will they walk away knowing there’s hope? Am I really focused on being a light when I speak? Or am I more concerned with convincing them to work with me?
  3. “Is my talk, or workshop, or teleseminar, designed to bring people along an inspiring path, so they are in a higher place, ready to take action, by the end?” Go through your entire presentation from a listener’s point of view. Do you have enough interaction for them? Do you give them time to be introspective? Time to be inspired? Time to be active, or quiet? Where do you leave them at the end?

Although you may be speaking to promote your business, or to gain clients, or to teach an idea, what you’re really doing is being an illuminator! Your job is to shine the light of truth, and help others to see it. There’s no such thing as a “dark bulb” – something that can be switched on to make everything dark. The only thing that can act is a light bulb. As soon as it’s on, there’s light.

So as you work on your presentations, think about being that light bulb that’s turned on and is helping everyone else’s light bulbs turn on. The more bulbs that are turned on, the less darkness there will be in the world. And we all could use that!

* * *

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