“How do I remember my talk?” 0

It’s a question we all ask! We work so hard to pour our heart and soul into what we plan to share with others, but there’s always that nagging fear that when it’s time to deliver, we’ll go blank.

There’s nothing wrong with having a few brief notes to remind you where to go next (but NEVER write them out in full sentences, or you’ll start to read them). However, there are lots of other creative ways to know where you go next.

I recently gave a workshop where I spoke for a while before the activity began. As I was planning what I would say, I noticed that different ideas seemed to me to have different shapes. As I imagined these shapes going along a line, a whole line drawing of my presentation took shape. I visualized that line drawing, and when it was time to actually deliver the talk, I just kept track of where I was in the picture.

I’ve heard of other people seeing the segments of their presentations as a series of colors. “See” the colors in the right order to remember where you’re going.

If you’re more of a “feeling” person than a visual person, you might get a sense of what each part feels like as you say it, and remember how each feeling moves to the next one.

Or you might try a combination! The point is that there’s no one right way to remember a presentation – use your unique abilities to come up with the way that’s right for you.

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