What’s the most important quality for a public speaker? 1

It’s love.

And I’m not just talking about loving your audience, or loving yourself, or even loving your message that you get to share. It’s waaaaay bigger than that.

You need to know that you are loved, really deeply, unconditionally, for all eternity kind of loved, by the divine presence that made you – and is caring for you and actually giving you your message and your audience and your abundance.

When you know that kind of love, then you’re ready to love your audience, love yourself, and love your message. But it has to come from a really deep place of knowing in order to unleash its power. And we’re all designed to be able to tune in!

The final part of the Speak From Your Soul Solution is Love.

There are a number of ways that love can be expressed to your audience. I’ve written before about a nurse I met many years ago on a summer job who could literally just heal the room by walking in. She expressed pure love, and everyone felt its power without her having to say a word. She wasn’t worried about how she looked, or if people thought she was good enough, or if they liked her sense of humor. She knew she expressed the divine just by being, and that was enough.

I know I’m not there yet, but she’s the model I aim for. When I get up in front of an audience, do I lose myself in my message? Do I mentally embrace everyone and do whatever it takes for them to be enlightened? Am I totally unself-conscious about how I sound or look as I speak? In practical terms, am I using inclusive language? Am I speaking clearly and loudly enough for them to understand and hear me? Am I wearing clothing that expresses who I am, but isn’t distracting? Do I give them opportunities for interaction?

And here’s a question: do I love them enough to make my offer without feeling embarrassed or awkward?

That’s key: do you have such conviction that your offer can literally change their lives that you can’t imagine NOT sharing it with them? Do you know that the Love that loves you gave you a special talent that MUST be shared? And these are the very people Love has put in those seats in order to receive it?

There are ways to make your offer that keeps it from feeling awkward. Hand of the person holds globe.You can allude to it near the beginning; you can genuinely say that you want to offer a resource for them to learn more about what you’ve been sharing. There’s nothing weird about that – it’s natural and loving. They’ve been listening to you and they want to know how to go further. It’s simple and normal to let them know how.

So, feel the love the divine has for you, share it with your audiences, and make sure you love enough to share your offer!

* * *

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