Overview of the Speak From Your Soul Solution 0

On my website there are several mentions of the “Speak From Your Soul Solution.” This is the system I’ve developed to help you become the amazing, heart-centered speaker you’re meant to be! In this blog and the ones coming up, I’ve decided to let you peek behind the scenes to see the actual steps we go through as you’re becoming a great speaker.

Are you ready to FLY?

There are seven steps in the system, and in this first blog post I’m giving the overview. Now, you already know that I consider myself (and you!) as spiritual, so it should be no surprise that I approach these seven training steps from a spiritual, holistic standpoint. Because when speaking to others about what’s important to you, it’s your whole self, your whole message and mission, and your listeners’ transformation as a result that we’re aiming for. Got it? Great!

The seven steps are named after seven names for the divine presence, which, after all, is what is impelling you to be who you really are and giving you your unique message.* In each step we have exercises, speaking practice, and things like vision boards, mind maps, and watching videos to learn from other speakers.

Step one: SPIRIT

Here’s where we go into the Why of speaking. Why do you speak? What is Spirit moving in you that compels you to share a message with the world? What is that message? How will you change the world by speaking it? What results would you like to see?

In this step we go deep to really know who you are and what you’re sharing with the world that will actually help transform the experience of your listeners. It’s a joyous exploration of your divine nature, and how that inspires your message and its intended effect on the world.

Step two: SOUL
Here is where we get into the Who of speaking. Who are you when you speak? What are the qualities you want audiences to feel when you speak?

In this step you we identify your brilliant and unique qualities. You learn to express those qualities in what you say and how you say it. You learn to be genuinely you when you speak instead of trying to be a “perfect” speaker. (And you learn to stop being embarrassed by the little quirks that make you, YOU. We all have them – those facial ticks, or unique ways of moving our hands when we talk – that we think are so awful, but others find endearing…)

Step three: LIFE
How is Life living you? How are you expressing the life the divine/the Universe has given you? What lessons have you learned? What can you share with others about living that life?

Based on the steps we’ve already taken, this is where we develop your unique story – where are you at this point in life? – and develop it into a story that connects you with your audiences/clients and lets them know that you’re the real deal, the person who can help them, inspire them, transform them.

Step four: MIND
What do you say in addition to your story? In the body of your presentation, what is the information and experience you share? How do you talk about your product, book, or coaching system? How do you make it interesting and memorable? What is your call to action?

Here we blue-sky all the ideas you’ve got and hone them down to the unique information that will get your point across. We make sure you’re reaching people in your audience who have different learning styles, and we make it fun as well as informative. You create your signature speech.

Step five: PRINCIPLE
This is where you jazz up your presentation skills. So we work on how you speak, how you move, how you command a stage, how you use your voice properly, how do you breathe, etc. And we work on having you GO BIG. (Trust me, it’s a lot of fun!!) Because while you want to be authentic when you speak, you actually want to be a slightly amped up version of yourself in order to keep people’s attention.

Step six: TRUTH
Your message needs actual opportunities to be heard in order to have any effect. What are the opportunities you have to actually share your truth with the world? When do you get to speak?

So here’s where we “get real.” How do you structure your message for keynote addresses? For networking events? For teleseminars, for radio interviews, workshops?

Step seven: LOVE
Here is where everything begins and ends. How much do you love the message the divine has given you to share? How much do you love yourself and your audiences? You’re now ready to share that love by getting out and speaking!

This is where we go over the final package. You’ve got your story, your signature talk that you know how to adapt to different situations. You know what your unique speaking style is, and you feel confident in sharing your message with your ideal audience. You’re ready to inspire them to take action so all of you can help to heal the world. Yay!!

* * *
So there you have it – an overview of the “Speak From Your Soul Solution.” I’ll be giving more details on each step in future blog posts. If you’re interested in working privately with me through these steps, I’ve got SIX SPOTS opening up in April. Email me for more information.

* Thanks to Mary Baker Eddy, author of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, for those names.