You’re already a great speaker! 1

Everyone can communicate. Even babies know to cry when they want something. Each of us can talk on and on to friends and family about something we find interesting.

So why does the thought of public speaking induce fear and incapacity? Why are perfectly intelligent, loving, caring people turned into tongue-tied nervous Nellies when talking to an audience?

If you’re on this website, you’re probably a spiritually minded thinker. So you may already understand that there’s a thought-trend wandering about in human thought that tries to hide our perfect, divinely created selves. And one of the ways it does this is by saying we exist on our own – apart from any kind of loving divine influence that created us. Just when we should be the most aware of our divinely impelled message and the need to share it (such as when getting up to speak!), this wandering thought says we have imperfect selves that will be exposed as frauds when we open our mouths. It tells us we don’t know enough, that we look ridiculous, that everyone is waiting for us to make a mistake, and on and on and on…

But it’s a lie!

You are created to be amazing! And with the ability to share an amazing message with other amazing creations of the divine.

You are already a speaker who is spiritual, selfless, story-based, sincere, and skilled.

I believe that everyone already has the innate capacity to share their important message with an audience. My method of coaching is to uncover and eliminate fears and limitations that would tie you up in knots and claim that you don’t have that capacity.

In order to make this simple, I’ve created a chart called The Five S’s. These are the qualities you already have, and that we will work to uncover and polish so they gleam. As a result, your audience hears a heart-centered speaker who is:

Spiritual – You inspire your listeners with a spiritual level of communication. You want to heal the world by sharing your message. Your spiritual qualities such as insight, compassion, humor, gentleness, strength, courage, and humility shine bright for your audience.

Story-based – You tell your authentic story. You communicate by telling stories to back up your information. You understand that the core of sharing a message has always been storytelling.

Sincere – As a communicator you’re believable, authentic, and honest. Your speaking style is based on you and who you are in the world, not some preconceived idea of what a public speaker should be. People want to listen to you because you touch their inner core.

Selfless – You’re so blessed to share your message that you’re not at all nervous. You focus on your audience’s needs and are willing to leave your comfort zone.

Skilled – You have excellent presentation skills that keep the attention of your audience. You use your breath support and voice properly so they enhance your message. Your body language enhances your message.  

When you work with me, we clear away the false ideas about your speaking ability so the real you that’s already there can be seen, heard, and have your proper effect on the world.

Be the speaker your message deserves!